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EMV Software Is A Scam
Old 06-27-2018, 03:08 PM
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Default EMV Software Is A Scam

This is a little something I found out. I received a brand new never used EMV card.
I messed around a little with cardpeek and MSR reader, I found that the data recorded
on the chip is a little different from the one on the magnetic stripe, so this have
me wondering how do someone cash out static bins because when you get a new card
what is recorded on the chip and the stripe is totally different remember I said
brand new card never used take a look below.

This is full Track 1 and 2 data

%B5300********0253^LNAME/FNAME ^18062210000688?

Chip Data

[i] Track 2 Equivalent Data (id=57,size=16) : 53 00 ** ** ** ** 02 53 D1 80 62 21 00 00 08 0Fh

Chip Data No Space


Stripe data at the top Chip data at the bottom


Now take a look at the last 3 digits it is not the same.
I have 2 more cards and I also got the same results.

I think this EMV software is a scam as I tried many but
never succeeded.

If someone disagree write me a EMV card then I will go and try
myself if approval I am not afraid to show results.

Thank you..
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