Blacklist Reporting Rules
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Default Blacklist Reporting Rules

Blacklist Reporting Rules

1. ALLWAYS put ICQ number without slashes, dots, spaces (12345 and not 123-45 or 12 345). This way we keep in order all icq numbers.

2. Please pist nickname of potential Ripper with his link to profile. example:

3. Please fill brief description. Example:
"Ripper promised to send good-loooking "Pamella Anderson-like" style whore to me for $10 in 3 hrs, but i recieve nothin' from him."

4. Post FULL logs (from start to end),screenshots of payment or ANY OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION, so if moderator decided. he'll be able to find enough evidience what Ripper really promised to you, and what you recieved instead of this.

Also with screen shots if you have any and other info that you know about ripper. The more information the better.

- Logs put in the blacklist area will not CONTAIN NAMES/ADRESSES!

- Logs in which the ripping is not present are not valid.

- Posts in which someone is called ripper without logs or screenshots will be deleted.

- Posts made in Other Sections/Double Post reguarding ripper/logs will be considered Infraction and Punished.

- When you get ripped don't wait more than 2 days to report or else your logs will not be taken into consideration.

- If you get ripped by verified members talk with moderators or admin in private or come and report on Black List, make new thread here and show logs. does not accept rippers of any kind and any violation of the above rules is not allowed.
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