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[REVAMPED] Apple Carding Tutorial
Old 07-07-2018, 09:48 PM
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Post [REVAMPED] Apple Carding Tutorial

Fresh RDP (Fresh Mac Address/PC Cache)
Fresh VPN/Socks5 (Matching State Socks with 25 Mile Radius)
Fresh High Balance BIN CC (BINS:371381/548031/ETC.)
Fresh E-Mail created at least 3 Months Ago somewhat matching cardholder name or information.

Tutorial Preface:
This tutorial follows my success of a iMac Shipment, Apple uses smart registration of time frame buyers visit the website, how long they visualize a page, and also basic configuration of personal use.

Visit Apple.Com and from the top grey navigation bar choose your desired item (Mac,iPhone,iPad,iPod)(I selected Mac)

From the Mac Section, select Macbook, iMac, Pro, or Server

Read each feature, this is key, the time frame is included from the second you visit the website.

At the bottom, choose compare models.

Read basic features for time frame, and choose configure now for your desired item.

Next Select your Choice to configure.

In configuration, change mouse option to magic trackpad since it is free and most regular people will upgrade anything extra for free. Then click add to cart.

For order details, click "This is a gift or proceed anyways" both seem to work, but I prefer "this is a gift"

Click Checkout Now then Continue as Guest

Click Ship then click see delivery options and rates.

Provide your SHIPPING DROP zip code then check a few store availabilities (2-3) then pick a store and click save.

Click continue then provide your drop address, provide the shipping receiver name same as your cardholders name. Also provide a spoofed phone number for shipment notifications.

For payment fill out your cardholder information, then click credit card payment and fill out your information.

When it asks to create an account, say yes and enter a password then click go. Choose basic shipping always not rushed, as most people wont want to spend the extra funds to deliver quickly and they will live with there current PC for a few more days.

DO NOT CHECK ORDER STATUS FOR 24 HOURS. They check for immediate order status checks after this can null your purchase.

If you did all this correctly, then you should get a shipping confirmation to the email as well as the spoofed phone number.
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