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Make stamps at home
Old 06-27-2018, 09:45 AM
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Post Make stamps at home

What will it take for the manufacture of photopolymer stamps:

- Computer
- Laser Printer
- A program for sketching (I would recommend Corel Draw)

Basis, making our stamp of liquid mass acquires its form:
- The exposure chamber
The exposure chamber is usually - a box, suitcase, with a 2-3-4-6-8 sunlamps power usually 8-15W
I will order his version with 4 lamps on the advice of specialists - the best option.
Quality Expo cameras contain a filling in the form of ultraviolet lamps Phillips.
The cost depends on the number of lamps and the case.
Price: $ 150-250

- Polymer
The basis for the seals.
Price: $ 25-30 per liter. Depends on the brand.
Recommend that all basically Roehm

- Negative film.
The best quality of the available options - Kimoto.
Price per 100 sheets of A4 in the area of $ 35-40. You can find a package with the number of sheets are smaller.

- Protective film.
You can use lavsan film to the likeness of which is packed flowers or a film from Lomond
Price per 50 sheets of A4 in the area of $ 10

- Toner for darkening of the negative
Thing is not so obligatory, but highly desirable. It will improve the future quality of print
Price per bottle $ 15

- Curb tape - is that does not leak from the polymer molds, which actually forms.
Costs, depending on square footage


Draw a layout, make it a "negative", that is doing the inversion. Everything that was black - is white.
Print this layout on the tape, cut a square and put it on one of the glasses (now sold along with exponentially more cameras and two glasses)
Now it is necessary to impose all of the form Boarders. It is very important - even for an inch and a half to take more. Now we figure out print fenced Boarders.
Now you need to easily handle the negativity out of a can of spray and wait until the film dries.
Now we fill the polymer and this mold. Can be out of the bottle, but better from a syringe. On one print to the order of 5-6 ml of the polymer. If bubbles are formed - accurately, small items (floss, needle) to remove them.
Now we lay on the polymer protective film on the size of the negative film. Consider that there are no air bubbles and cover the second glass (necessary to use some gasket to the glass does not crush it all and the polymer is not leaked)
Anchoring of glass or clothes pins (can not remember the name of this thing is for sure, but design is similar) and send it to the camera. First you need to accommodate the future construction of the back side.
At 1-1.5 minutes. Need to experiment.
Now turn over the construction of "person" to yourself and put all of this for another 2-3 minutes.
After the expiration of the time carefully to get all this, separate the protective film from the printing of negatives and prints from the wash of the remaining polymer in cold water with detergent for dishes
All this is well washed and rubbed with a brush (preferably a tooth, not a stiff brush). Now we need to consolidate printing.
Profiles are used for this tannic camera, but you can ispozovat and Expo chamber. Future stamp must be put in the "bath" with a small amount of water that would cover a little printing.
All this for another 15-20 minutes off the camera to consolidate.
Separate printing of a protective film (after tanning, it must be separated easily), is dried gently with paper towel or napkin and .. . Everything! Printing is ready for use.

Fantasy with this method of production of seals - is boundless.
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