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Study through cultivating by earning means through recruiting for this study
Old 06-27-2018, 10:46 AM
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Post Study through cultivating by earning means through recruiting for this study

Left abandoned after i had promised my friends i would be back to my roots and leaving them in the same shit as ever before i decided to start learning about computers , that means typing ,reading and writing , but remembering where i came from , i did not even have a computer or means to it but those who owned one where thought to be of highest rank , now i know how to turn one on /off i can easily go back to my roots which is in africa , develop a proposal and get funding through the different organisations interested in development of youths and education against violence and weapons ,

well it starts from a general petition through forums to make people acknowledge how a world can be run at fingertips through stock markets to toilets (new technology with pcs)
so the need to develop education of this type of system is high , because by getting into depths with how you break or hire is a main stream of its own , and by developing this organisation you tend to get enough income to rely within your society

ibm are old computers now i have sent 15 computers to schools and now needs a person who will teach , and it does not matter with payment , for school is owned by councils (ie get contracts for different schools or even mining contracts become available , it depends how you want to play it)
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