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Instore Carding? - Safekeeping
Old 06-27-2018, 02:56 PM
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Post Instore Carding? - Safekeeping


lets help each other sharing idea how to save us if we get caught for in-store carding?

Scene 1: Get caught red handed
Im carding with my own card using my own ID. just changing details in meg strip. 99% checkout operator will check my id, they will see my sign and card name matched. shouldnt suspect at all. If they suspect, they shouldnt make call to anyone outside store (Bank/Police) without asking you. If they ask why numbers doesnt match, you say you dont know. if she is not happy with your payment, she can refund it or refuse to sell. But she cant call bank or anyone without asking you. be confidence that you are using your own card. if you cant handle the situation and police came then "I need to speak to a lawyer". How the card is being altered you have no clue.

advice please....

Scene 2: Cops came to your house with video of instore carding
"I need to speak to a lawyer"

advice please....

Scene 3: Cops Raided house and found 3/4 tempered meg strip and MSR
please let me know what should we do...

NEVER Keep Receipt
NEVER Keep Too many tempered meg trip, after using it throw it.
NEVER Keep fake id along with real ID
NEVER look up while carding.
Anything else?

Anyone know what are actual hard evidence can go against us?

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